UnderAge online casino restrictions

We at www.safeonlinecasino4u.com believe that children should not be allowed near a casino, especially not near an online casino.
You see, we believe that if an adult choose to play casino games, he will be rational when spending money, and will know when to stop. Underage people will not necessarily have that kind of reason and therefore we believe it is very important to prevent kids from gambling exposure in general and in online casinos in particular.

Saying that, resent researches have shown that children under the age of 16 are four times more likely to develop compulsive gambling problems than any other section tested, so pleaseā€¦ Don't Gamble in front of the kids!
In any case, it is illegal for anyone under 18 years old to even open an account let along playing at any online casino. Safe online casinos use multiple age verification to make sure that before signing up and depositing players are of legal age.

How old you should be before it is legal for you? It depends on your country, in some countries the age limit is 21, in others 18. Please check what is the age restriction in your country before depositing in any online casino. In our opinion - don't start unless you are at least 23 years old and have a great deal of self-control!

Most of our recommended online casinos will make sure you are of age before letting you deposit, however, in some cases, mostly when using E-wallet services, it is very problematic to determine the age of the player. In those cases the online casinos will not let you withdraw the money until proven to be of age.

If the computer you are using is accessible for children, please make sure to keep your online casino password and username out of reach. And hide the casino icon from the desktop/mobile homepage.

To take extra measures of safety you can put all the casino apps in a locked folder, moreover, we strongly recommend to use a service to protect your kids from gambling online, for example www.netnanny.com.

Safe online casinos

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