Safe gambling online

This section will be dedicated to safe gambling online tips, but not in the way of preventing you from becoming a fraud victim, but rather to prevent you from doing mistakes you will be sorry for later on. Saying that, you should know that we have several years of experience in the online gambling industry and we have seen all kind of mistakes, not to mention making more than a few ourselves.

setting a budget

First and most important rule you should start with, is setting a budget. If you want a safe gambling online experience you must take under consideration that the biggest threat to your safety is none other than yourself. We have seen it happened a lot… you sit at your home, decide to have some fun and you say to yourself "I'll deposit only 50" and after 4 hours you find yourself missing a couple hundreds and you don't know where they went.

So, for your first safe online gambling tips- try this one:


Where to gamble

We have mentioned this all over this website. Most online gambling sites offers pretty much the same thing, the big difference is what is written in the small letters, and more important what you can't read anywhere. So, after you know your limits money-wise, choose the best place to test your luck, and as part of the effort we do here to get you safe gambling online we have many safe online casinos with great promotions and above all, excellent safety. Read more about how we reviewed them here or choose one to play immediately.

Exploit Bonuses and promotions

responsible gaming

Every online gambling site has a promotions page, there you will be able to find all the running promotions and special offers they have at the moment. We took it one step forward. Why don't have an account at several gambling online sites? For example we currently have at least 5 active accounts in the online casinos we have listed. What is so good about it? - They each have a different welcome bonus and they each offer a different reload bonus day of the week. Meaning we took a 1k budget and made it worth 2.5k in welcome bonuses divided, not to mention jumping from one casino to the other winning double the loyalty points on the special offer each week. We get notified with emails every time they have a race or a special bonus etc., In short, safe gambling online over several websites means you will get more for your money on every turn.

Know the rules of your game

Don't go around splashing money on games you don't understand how they work. For a safe gambling online - Read the info before you bet or at the very least try the fun mode first, learn the options you can trigger etc. after playing enough to know the basics - try a small sum and see how it goes. That goes for the novice and the expert alike. one of us have been playing a slot machine for years without knowing it had an option to turn all participant wild cards into expanding wilds.

Final notes

When going for a safe gambling online game plan you need to remember you can have your fun without risking you peace of mind, don't ever exaggerate and do something you are going to be sorry about.
If you lost the budget, don't deposit more thinking I'm on top of it. Instead, go have a coffee or a beer and try again next month. We promise, when you want to come back online casinos will wait for you.

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