Online Casino Glossary

After getting a lot of emails from novice players who didn't totally understand all the terms used by online casinos, we decided to pick up the glove and create this glossary in order to make things easier for you to know your way around online casinos.

"Welcome bonus"

most online casinos offers some kind of welcome bonus to entice players to deposit and play via their brand. There several kinds of welcome bonuses, the most popular forms of welcome bonuses are the "no deposit bonus" and the "match deposit bonus".
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"Fun Mode Account"

this is a term used to described an option used by most online casinos for you to test the casino games variety they offer without risking any money, a very good way to test all kind of games, learn their rules and hone your skill at it. At our recommended safe online casinos you will always have that option and we strongly advice to use it before committing any money.

"real money account"

this is a term online casinos use to describe a sign up to any online gambling website for real money betting purposes, when signing a real money account we recommend to use your real name and an email specifically created for that, instead of using your personal email. Read all about how to open a real money account here.

"No Deposit bonus" / "N.D.B"

this term refers to a bonus offered by online casinos where you will receive free credit to play casino games upon signing up a real money account. As its sounds, this bonus will be received even If you didn't deposit a dime.

"Match bonus"

this general name will be given to any bonus that is triggered upon any deposit, whereas the casinos match the deposit you have made to double or triple your bankroll. Most online casinos will offer you at least 100% match bonus, so if, for example, you deposited $100 to an online casino offering a 100% match bonus, you will have $200 to play with ($100 that you deposited + $100 from the casino's match bonus), most match bonuses will be given only as the "first deposit bonus".

"First Deposit bonus" / "F.D.B"

the most common of all casino bonuses, as far as we know, there is no single online casino that doesn't offers at least a first deposit bonus to entice players to join. Unlike "welcome bonus" which is more general and can have an entire "welcome package" hidden inside, first deposit bonus apply only to the first deposit made at the online casino and usually has a maximum amount to limit them. For example, the first deposit match bonus is 100% up to $400, which means will double the bankroll of your first deposit.

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