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online video poker

Online Video poker began hand in hand with the introduction of first internet connection. However, the first video poker games can be traced back to the late 1970s. Online video poker is normally based on five card poker and now days you can also find a large variety of online video poker that include more modern features. You can find online video poker machines in almost any online casinos on the wide web, and the popularity of online video poker is undeniable throughout the world.

Play video poker online

How to play online video poker

The basic online video poker is quite easy to play. You need to place a bet, then will be dealt five cards that you can choose to hold or replace. After you decide which of the cards you want to keep, you will be given a set of new cards instead of the ones you folded.

Every online video poker has an info button that will specify the specific features available in the games, please read them before you start betting so will fully comprehend the bets and pay out of each specific game. Normally the changes to how you play all kind of video slot will stay the same. We strongly recommend having at least the basic knowledge in 5 cards poker before playing it online; you can read the basic at wiki on video poker.

How to win at online video poker

Novice player - What you need to know? Most online video poker games will pay out anything above a pair of jacks, and you can see the winning value of each hand to determine how to handle the cards you have been dealt. In any case it is always better to read a little more about the game, and play for fun first, I would recommend risking real money only when you feel comfortable enough with online video poker mathematic to make the right decision, which card to hold and to dispose of on every hand. We can assure you that after several hand you will get the hang of it.

Some online video poker games offer great payouts but allow fewer hands to be winning, we prefer playing with the ones that payout from a pair jacks and above since we discovered they have the best pay out percentage.

It is in our plans to write a full guide explaining the mathematics of online video poker and create a "cheat sheet" for you to be able to play more easily and win more often.

After you feel you have mastered the basics, it's time to choose your variation of online video poker. Always go for the video poker game that offers nine times or more the initial bet when your hand shows a o flush and at least X6 the original bet when you have a "boat" (full house - three of a kind plus a pair) since usually those games offers the player great payouts.

Tips and notes

When you have a pair lower then jacks (or the minimum pair required to win) with a card higher than the required pair we strongly advice to discard the pair, the chance of getting a third card is less then chance of completing the higher pair.

Practice makes perfect, especially true here! So, stay with the same game - online video poker players have more chances to land a big win the longer the stay on the same game. The reason is simple, the biggest hands like 4 of a kind on royal flush occur every thousands hands, so the longer you play - the better you will become and to increase your chances.

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