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Online slots are the pinnacle of the gambling online industry. There are literally thousands of slot games available to choose from, video slots, progressive jackpot, 3 reel and 5 reels games and the list go on and on. If you love slot games you have come to the right place, we will review and list the best slots online for you.

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Progressive Jackpots:
The progressive jackpot is the entire accumulated sum of small part of the entire amount of bets made in an online slot or several slots games connected, and the value of the jackpot increase with every bet made until someone, totally randomly, wins the entire thing.
Progressive jackpots in the online slots world comes in many forms and have excited many people around the globe, the opportunity to win a massive amount with a very small bet is the same way as winning the lottery. Think about it, you sit on your favorite couch, click the spin button on a $2 total bet and you win over a million. Now that's a nice picture.
We will dedicate an entire section to online slots with a progressive jackpot in hopes that one of us will make this dream come true, and if it's you, throw us a bone…

Movie themed slots
Many of the most popular online slots are based on movies, The Mummy, Rocky, The Dark Knight and many other movies that inspired us now became available also in spins and bonus features.

Comic books slots online
In this category Playtech software provide excel, they have signed a deal with Marvel, the proud owner of many popular comic books, to create slot games based on familiar comic book characters, Hulk, Spiderman and Ironman to name a few. Most of the titles already have been made into movies, and a lot of the features you can trigger when playing those slots games are in fact scenes cut from the movies.

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5 reel slots
The most common of slots online categories, all consist of 5 reels or more and endless lines variation: from 9 to 1024 lines, not to mention every kind this is where had really enjoyed playing. A lot of our best casinos will offer 100 or more 5 reels slot games to play.

Classic slots / 3 reel slots
The very basic form of online slots, the first slot machine ever invented had 3 reels, cant imagine it's still very popular now days with all the amazing video slots you choose from, but still worth mentioning.

Online slots popular terms.

Slots online

The window presenting the characters / cards the slot machine is build from, usually it's between 12 to 15 tiles that will be distribute on the reels.

The vertical lines that will spin until stopping on a specific tile, on the reels the tiles are presented and depending on the kind of slot you play, you can have between one position on the reel that will participate and up to 9.

A term used to describe the horizontal lines that will form the payout out of the different reels and tiles. So, a 20 lines slot games will have 20 different ways to build a winning pay line. In online slots you can toggle how many lines will be active for creating paying lines

In the simplest form of slot machine possible, you will have 9 tiles, 3 reels, and one pay line. And this is how it started with the first slot machine, from that, we have evolved and increase the reels, lines and added features and free spins until we reach the mass variety we have today.

How to play slots online

As we mentioned above, almost all slot machines are built from 3 parts, this is true to online slots as well, so, we are missing only how to actually place a bet and play.

The bet of slots online are decided with at least 2 of the following combination:

Coin bet - when setting your coin bet online, you can choose the value of each coin you will bet.
Line bet - is the amount of coins you are willing to pay for each of the active lines.
Total bet / Spin bet - the total bet will be the initial value of the coin times the line bet, times the active both active lines.

Once you have set all the values to your satisfaction you can start spinning, most slot games online allows you to change the total bet combination as you please so you can play slot online for the right amount of money for you.

Online slots tips

Always watch out before clicking the spin button for the first time, once I had deposited $200 and lost it all on the first spin because the total bet was set to the maximum allowed. I was really pissed with myself when it happened, so do yourself a favor and learn from that mistake and set the line bet and coin value before you start playing.

Don't spread your budget, the most important thing you can do when playing slots online is to decide on a budget before you log in and stick to it. so, why don't spread the budget? Let's say you are planning on spending $150, and you make the first deposit $30, if you lose it you will make another $30, then another, then god forbid another, how many was it? Exactly! You might lose track and end up spending more than you planned.

Another thing to consider is the first deposit bonus; most casinos will, at the very least, double your first deposit, now, in that case if you make a $150 first deposit you will have $300 to play with, but if you deposit only $30 you will have only $60 to do so.

Learn the slot online before you start spending money it, most safe online casinos allow to play slot online for free, try the games before that, learn all available features and then deposit to play for real money.

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