Online Craps

online craps

Craps originated as a hybrid of French and English dice rolling games from the 1700s. Bernard Xavier Philippe brought the game to America. John H. Winn is credited with inventing modern craps since he corrected the "pass" flaw that was being exploited by shooters throwing loaded dice. During World War II, soldiers played street craps and made the game popular globally. Modern casino craps began on Louisiana's river boats and became a staple of Las Vegas casinos in the 1930s. In the digital age, online craps are played at virtual tables with players from all over the world.

Play Craps online

Online Craps Versus Traditional Craps

Online craps has many advantages over traditional casino craps. The dice are never altered. Shooters do not have to worry about rolling poorly or off the table. Drinks or hands do not interfere with rolls. Betting is accurate and simple to make without pressure from the dealer. The gambler can play at their own pace. The player is able to cash out at any time without feeling ostracized or pressured.

The Basic Rules of Online Craps

The game begins with a Come Out roll to establish a Point (four, five, six, eight, nine, ten). The shooter continues to roll the dice until a Crap or a Point is rolled. If a Crap is rolled, the turn is finished and the dice are passed to the next shooter. Bets are placed before each roll and some bets may also continue from previous rolls.

How to Bet in Online Craps

Pass Line / Don't Pass Line:
This bet is made at the beginning of a game. If the Come Out roll is seven or eleven, the Pass Line bet wins. The Pass Line bet loses if the shooter rolls a two, three, or twelve on the Come Out roll. Once a Point is established, the Pass Line bet will win if the Point is rolled. The Pass Line bet will lose (and the turn will finish) if a seven is rolled. The Don't Pass Line bet works the opposite of the Pass Line bet.

Come / Don't Come:
This bet may be placed at any time. The chips for the bet are placed in the Come Box, and the next roll is the Come Out roll for the bet. If seven or eleven is rolled, the bet wins. If two, three, or twelve is rolled, the bet loses. All other numbers rolled will become the Point. Don't Come bets may be placed at any time and function the same as Don't Pass Line bets.

This bet can be placed at any time. If two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve is rolled, the better wins.

Additional bets:
Buy, Lay, Proposition, Big Six, Big Eight, Seven, C & E, Hardway, Hop, and Horn.

Tips and Notes

1) Make sure to have a strong internet connection when playing online craps for money.
2) Make sure to check the betting limits and minimums before starting a game.
3) familiar with all the possible bets and odds before playing for money.

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