Online casino games

online casino games

Online casinos can grant you many hours of entertainment, and the added thrill of the chance to get a pay day add to the excitement. There are thousands of online casino games available to choose from, but they can all be divided into 3 main categories: Table games, all kind of slot machines and random ticket games. Most online casinos offer games of these main categories, they varies only in the software used as the platform, the costumers support, the bonus and of course their safety.

Where to play your favorite online casino games at?

We have collected a list the most reputable online casinos offering a great collection of online casino games and the best bonus offers out there for you.

Online casino table games

It's very easy to distinguish casino table games, as they are all played on a betting table, usually involving one dealer or more (croupier or poker dealer) and can accommodate several players betting together. Unlike slots machines which allows one player at a time. Online casino table games are not so different, instead of a deal the casino software provider have an random number algorithm to replace the role of the dealer and the best online casinos even has a live dealer platform where you can play with a real dealer action that is streamed via an online camera feed. Table games can also be divided into 3 categories;
1) Card games, blackjack, casino war and baccarat to name a few.
2) Dice or tiles games, such as: Craps, Sic bo and Pai Gow.
3) Random numbers games, for example: all form of roulette.
The most popular casino table games are Roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps and most of the safe online casinos support those form of games at their live casinos. You can also find several online variations of those famous online casino games in unique "online" forms such as multi wheel roulette games etc. To read more about table casino games - check this out.

Online slot machines

slot machines

Online slot machines variety is where the real edge of online casino games really comes into play. There are literally thousand variations of slot machine, video slots and jackpots machines available to choose from. If you prefer to hit the slots, you should know that most online casinos offer you free spins and extra bonuses available only for their slot games. Saying that, it is very difficult to choose one out of the sea of available slots out there, movie themed slots, comic book hero's slots, jackpots of all kind and size... To put it shortly, the classic slots only will fill endless hours of playing online. As part of the service we offer here, we will try to review the most popular slots by each of the casino software provider and will dedicate an entire section to that only. Another great online casino game related to slot category is what we call online video poker, based on the basic rules of poker games, you can play dozens of video poker games, such as jacks or better, casino holde'm and much more.

Random number ticket games

This category has a very serious name, but in fact refers to all form of randomly generated numbers; the best way to describe it will be also the most popular form of this online casino games category. Bingo - which require no further introductions. But we will roughly add also all sorts of casino scratch games to the lot. We have created a section of the online casino games that fits this category, you can find it here.

scratch cards

Casino games promotions and offer

Upon registering a-"real money account" you will usually receive a thank you email from the online casino, we strongly recommend to "un-spam" the casino upon authorization email right after you sign up. The reason behind this is that at any online casino, you will receive weekly or biweekly emails. Unfortunately, most of them will end up in your spam, and you will miss golden opportunities to play casino games for free, or for double the loyalty points they usually worth. Plus, any respected online casinos have more to offer than the original welcome bonus. We saw promotions for depositing at a specific day of week, at the start and the end of each month or using a new deposit method. To put it simply… allow the emails to reach your inbox and you won't regret it. If we are on the subject, we took extra care of choosing our recommended online casinos, one of the most important aspects of those reviews were to make sure our personal details will not reach anyone else but the support of the online casino of our choosing. To this day, we receive only good offers from the same casino we signed up to, and we are thankful for it.

Final notes

We will try and update the games news and releases as much as we can, it's not an easy task, but tune in from time to time to see what new games and offers are available. If you found any term you don't fully understand, check out our online casino glossary. The casino FAQ section and the guides will cover all the basics "know how" of playing any online casino games you can think of. If you would like to add your own reviews or tips don't hesitate to drop us an email.

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