Visa casinos

Visa Casinos

Visa is among one of the most recognized credit and debit card companies in the world, dominating around 30% of the global credit card market and 70% of the debit market. Paying by VISA for online gambling entertainment is extremely common and the vast majority of online casinos will accept this system as a valid form of payment. Therefore, almost every online casino is a member of of visa casinos family.

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Safe and Secure deposit method

Most people have completed an online transaction using credit cards and therefore the mere fact that this is a familiar way to pay, offers visa casinos players a sense of security when they transfer funds into their online casino accounts using VISA. The system is generally safe as long as the usual security measures are taken such as sticking to safe online casinos. VISA takes great pride in its security program and fraud prevention tools such as a 3 digit security code, real time fraud detection and its Zero Liability policy.

How to Open VISA Account

Applying for a VISA card can be done through the player's own bank or online, depending on the type of card required. A VISA Prepaid Card, for example, requires no prior credit history and allows players to load money onto the card to make purchases or pay for services everywhere that VISA cards are accepted. There is no need to open an e-wallet in order to transfer money into a casino account.

Depositing with VISA

One of the main reasons why VISA card is such a popular choice for online casino players is the fact that it is so simple to use. Players visit the banking section of the site and choose VISA as their payment method. They then type in their credit or debit card number and make the deposit. Since most players are already familiar with online credit card transactions, the process is usually a breeze and completed very quickly. Funds are available instantaneously in the player's account and can be used to wager online.

How to Withdraw Funds from Visa casinos

Another big plus for casino players when using VISA is that they can ask to have their winnings paid back into their VISA account, unlike some payment methods that only allow deposits to be made. To have winnings paid out, players simply access the cashier section at the casino once more and request to make a withdrawal.


VISA is a safe and highly convenient way of making online payment, and it comes as no surprise that it is a favored system by millions of consumers around the world as the first choise of VISA casinos.

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