POLi casinos

POli Casinos

POLi is an online banking option geared for Australian and New Zealand players who use this system to transfer cash from their personal bank accounts into their online gaming site accounts. POLi stands for Pay Online and is considered a completely secure and recognized payment option. Using POLi is absolutely free and removes the need to pay via credit card. POLi works with some of the most trusted casino brands in the industry and offers an easy to navigate online site for additional information.

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Safe and Secure

Using POLi casinos allows players complete peace of mind as the system does not capture or store sensitive or personal details. A POLi transaction is communicated via HTTPS transport level security and nobody is able to access or see internet banking login credentials. The system allows any Australian or New Zealand bank to review its security credentials and commits to undertake an annual penetration test with a recognized security firm.

How to Deposit with POLi casinos

To make a payment with POLi, players need to first download and install POLi's free browser software. The system supports all PC and Mac browsers (Java script enabled). This software displays instructions on how to make a POLi transaction and allows access to the player's own personal bank website. The transaction takes place within the bank's website, removing the need for POLi or anyone else to receive bank account details or other personal information. Once the funds have been transferred, a receipt number is made available to POLi, confirming the transaction. This essentially means that using POLi as a payment method is as safe as using one's own internet banking site. Deposits made through POLi into casino accounts are available for use immediately.

How to Withdraw Funds from POLi casinos

At present, players are unable to withdraw funds from their online casino accounts using POLi. An alternative method such as bank transfer or check will need to be found to have funds withdrawn.


POLi is supported by some of the top banks in Australia and New Zealand, including ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank and the Bank of Queensland. It is considered a fast and highly secure way of transferring funds into online casino accounts and is extremely simple to use. Players are spared sign up fees and they don't need to manage accounts in order to use POLi as a trusted way to see funds transferred.

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