Are online casinos safe?

are online casinos safe?

When surfing around the internet there are plenty of risks for the unwary. The fast growing market of online shopping gives a lot of opportunities to fish your personal details, email account are a must on almost any service you wish to acquire. The problem starts when you need to put your credit card or bank account on a questionable webpage.

So in order to answer the question "are online casinos safe?" there are a few terms we need to know about in regard to online safety in general and online gambling in particular.
Privacy, online security, secured transactions and more, you can find all about it in the safe online casinos banking section.

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online control and surveillance

How do i know if i'm dealing with a safe online casino?
Unlike any online shop, there every one can open and there is almost no control over… online casinos are under much restricted requirements. To mention a few, the need to have a license, they are under constant surveillance for fair gaming and there are tons of websites offering reviews and opinion in all languages, so an un-safe casino will soon be exposed and discarded by the active online gambling community. So in terms of online surveillance - yes online casinos are safer than most online shopping sites you everywhere nowadays.

online security

Is it safe to deposit in an online casino?
every website that offers the possibility to deposit funds or use bank account information need to have a certain security protocol called SSL. To put it shortly, this is a more secured URL showing HTTPS:// at the address of the website letting you know it is harder for an outsider to view the information you see on your screen. We suggest to always check before submitting any information to a website that he has SSL encryption, especially before giving any bank details, and have even more care when signing up to a real money account on an online casino.

Fair gaming

How do I know that the online casino software is not rigged?
Another aspect of the important "are online casinos safe?" question is the fair gaming and random winning calculations. Every online casinos software provider runs on an algorithm with a sole purpose to calculate the winning chances of a certain bet. There are external companies that check that winning algorithm to insure fair gaming and that the specific online casinos is not rigged. After the companies finish reviewing the casino they offer a certificate. Look for that certificate before signing in a real money account.

Players Safety

Are online casinos safe when dealing with your personal information?
This is more complicated to answer, most trusted online casino have a very nice terms and condition regarding your privacy, yet somehow when you sign up to an online casino you start to receive all kind of spam messages to your inbox, most have something to do with all kind of cheap Viagra like medicine. The best way to try an online casino is to sign up first with a new email and only when convinced it safe you try with your real details. Note that some online casinos require a proof of address and ID in order to withdraw the money. This is to prevent money laundering.

Final notes

Are online casinos safe?
Well the answer will be: We have personally tested all the online casinos we have listed here, and we used a firm and long process before depositing at any of them, so yes, we you can safely play at any of them.

However, not all of the online casinos out there will be as secure as those we have. So don't go throwing your credit card at any online casino that doesn't stand up to the minimum standard of online casino safety.
If you know of another online casino we must have here, feel free to drop us an email and we will try and determine for you if it is safe or not to deposit at.

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