Safe Online Casinos

Safe online casinos

We are an independent group of online casinos enthusiasts. Our website is dedicated to review the safety of online casinos available to players worldwide. As avid casino enthusiasts, we want to make sure that you experience the best safe gambling online there is. We can help you choose the safe online casino that is right for you. Check out our reviews on the many options available for safe online casinos.

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A Major part of our time will be dedicated to bring you the latest online casino games available online. We are constantly looking for new games and promotion and encourage you to do the same.
At the moment we are reviews the major online casino games section and we will offer you updates about the recommended games we liked. Stay tuned!

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Safe online casino banking

safe casino deposits

Online casinos allows you to deposit money into their online system to use towards safe gambling online. When dealing with money online, it is important to know what safety measures are put into place to ensure that the safe online casino has your information secured. There are a few different ways safe gambling online can be done where you are not at risk. Below are a few safe deposit methods any reputable online casino will choose to allow.

eWallets are a very common deposit method used by safe online casinos. Your safe online casino may use eWallet companies such as Moneybookers or Neteller. These companies work with a safe online casino by creating online accounts that distribute your money to the online merchant (in this case the safe online casino) of your choice. Many people choose to use eWallets because it is convenient. Your money is easily accessible online. The eWallet is linked to your existing bank account allowing you to move money easily when you want to engage in safe gambling online.

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There are other was to deposit money if you wish to engage in safe gambling online. One way that a safe online casino accepts money is through credit cards. The type of credit card accepted differs based on what the safe online casino allows. Many safe online casinos also allow wire transfers and prepaid cards. All of these forms of money deposits are legal and safe as long as the online casino is reputable.

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License and Registration

GIB casino license

Why should you look for a safe online casino that is licensed and registered? Think about it. When you get work done on your home do you hire someone who is not licensed? Most people would not. Having a worker that has a license provides you with a sense of security. You know that someone above them is watching out for your safety. That is why finding safe online casinos that are licensed is very important. Licensed casinos are monitored for your safety.

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Some major areas that provide safe gambling online are Antigua, Barbuda, Costa Rica, Malta and the Isle of Man. Safe online casinos in these areas are required to have a license and be taxed on the income they make. Each area that allows someone to set up a safe online casino has different regulations. Some countries have very strict rules and regulations, and others are more relaxed. For example, Australia has very strict regulations for companies who want to run a safe online casino.

Software Providers

playtech online casino software

In addition to ensuring that the safe online casino that you choose has a license, you need to find out which safe gambling online software they use. There are many different types of safe online casino software that businesses can choose. The security of each software varies. The higher the security level in safe online casinos, the less risk to you as a player.

microgaming online casino software

One very secure software for safe gambling online is Playtech. Their success began with safe online casinos in Italy. The company prides itself on responsible gaming and fair play within the safe gambling online world. They help their customers defeat negative behaviors in their safe online casinos. They have a top of the line tracking system that allows for early fraud detection.

Microgaming is another respected software used by safe online casinos. Not only is it safe, but it allows for bonuses. This software helps make your safe gambling online experience better by increasing your play time through bonuses.

Security Measures

online casino safety

When signing up at safe online casinos you will need to produce personal information. It is important to know how the safe online casinos that you use will encrypt your personal and banking information. Most reputable safe online casinos will add their encryption information at the footer of the website.

Most respected safe gambling online services will also have you read and agree to their terms and conditions. I know that many people click that they agree to the terms and conditions without really reading them. However, when it comes to safe gambling online, it is very important to read carefully because you are putting your personal information including banking information on the site. This helps to ensure your important information is kept private.

There are two companies that test whether safe online casinos meet the safety requirements that are put into place. If they meet all requirements, they are given a certificate. If you want a safe online casino experience, it is best to look for the ECOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation Assurance) or the TST (Technical System Testing) certificate.

Visiting safe online casinos can be a fun experience, but if not done properly it can be disastrous. I hope the above information helps you find the right safe online casino that will protect you and your gaming experience. Good luck with your safe gambling online.


safe casinos online

The world of safe online casinos has changed a great deal over the past few years. Recently, safe gambling online has made a major comeback. Even though there are a number of safe online casinos, it may be hard to know which ones are following the laws and regulations set by various governments worldwide.

There are a few rouge cases of online casinos who do not follow the rules. This puts a damper on the safe online casinos that follow the regulations set by their county. There are hundreds of safe gambling online sites. With all of the regulations placed on safe online casinos it can be a confusing, yet exciting world to navigate.

Online Casino History

online casino history

The online casino industry in general has gone in ebb and flows. There have been times when gambling was not legal at all. Laws began to loosen up a bit and various forms of gambling were permitted. At the same time, there are political groups attempting to reintroduce limits to gambling.

Safe gambling online first began in 1994 through Antigua and Barbuda. Safe online casinos grew in popularity, and by the year 2001 there were more than 8 million people engaging in safe gambling online.

Around that same time many different countries began to place bans and restrictions in order to promote safe gambling online. This included ensuring online gaming providers had specific licenses and credentials. Very recently, the United States of America began to reintroduce safe online casinos. Safe gambling online was once banished in this country. As part of the comeback, the United States is allowing safe gambling online only in certain states.

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online casino news team is proud to anounce that the safe online casino news section is now live;
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Are online casinos safe?
NEW! - A complete guide answering this frequently asked question about online casino safety, this page accompanied by the deposit methods section will give you a complete know how about how secure online casinos can be and where you should put your money to gamble.

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